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    October 23, 2007


    David Eisenthal

    Excellent blog!

    I have a few comments of the extent of Red Sox Nation.

    1) Going west, it ends at the Connecticut River. While there are significant numbers of Red Sox fans in places like Hartford and Northampton, there are enough Yankees and Mets fans there to put those places outside the Nation.

    2) Montreal is not a baseball town - it does not belong in Red Sox Nation or any other baseball nation. La belle ville is the capital of Canadiens Nation.

    3) I've heard that the Maritime Provinces of Canada - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island - have many Red Sox fans - perhaps enough to be part of the Nation.


    I found a map originally published in the NY Times of the border between Yankeedom and Red Sox nation here:

    It rings fairly true from where I sit as a Sox fan just below the Berkshires in NW CT, but as more New Yorkers make 2nd homes into primary residents in sw Mass, look for the border to shift accordingly.

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