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    July 09, 2008


    Foy Savas

    Hi Robert,

    I get the feeling you think we're going for direct democracy. If you read through the FAQs on the site you will learn otherwise.

    Ha, you're completely right about people not ever going to spend enough time to research bills, but honestly we've actually designed FreeGov for citizens not to have to do that, as they can opt to select advisers.

    The adviser concept we use on the site, mimics representative government with a few major benefits: 1) real-time accountability, 2) personal representation, 3) the opportunity to choose multiple advisers, and 4) the ability to override how they vote whenever you want.

    You seem like a guy keen on following politics, so I hope that despite your initial criticism, you now better understand what FreeGov is actually going for. No, it's not town-meetings or direct democracy, but instead the idea of citizens being able to participate at any time in a convenient way.

    Anyway, I hope to see you on the site one day, perhaps even as an adviser.


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