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    August 14, 2008




    Thank you for reading our blog. We really do appreciate it. But I think you sell us short by assuming we are internally monolithic, either for or against any particular political figure or party. We've been pleased to support the Governor on any number of issues -- pension fund consolidation, the role that GIC might play in aiding municipalities, and, of course, police details. And we've been equally disappointed on other issues -- among them, the benefits of school choice -- and will continue to disagree with him on them. But neither our support nor our opposition necessarily signals a partisan attachment.

    Robert David Sullivan


    Sorry for the shorthand description of Pioneer; I should avoid a simple label like "conservative" and perhaps use "free market" because that seems closer to the description on your "about us" page.

    My comment was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but I do think this may be a defining moment for Gov. Patrick. Whether he's seen as serious on reform issues like the police details and pension fund consolidation will be a major factor in determining what kind of opposition he faces if he runs for re-election.

    I don't mean to suggest that Pioneer (or MassINC)is partisan, but when there's a widespread perception that Patrick's first year or two was a less than effective (see Suffolk poll:,it's significant that he's getting some kudos from any major research group.

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